8. Thou Shall Not Draft More Than Two Studs From the Same Team

Last Updated: Jul 16, 2018 4:39 PM

10 Commandments for Winning at Fantasy Football

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8th Commandment – Thou Shall Not Draft More Than Two Studs From the Same Team

The saying “Don't put all your Eggs in One Basket”, applies to Fantasy Football as well. The idea is not to beat your opponent 140 to 90 when Matt Ryan hooks up with Julio Jones on 3 TD's and have them both, as the days when they score no TD's you will likely lose. Championships are won with consistency. It is much better to score 110-130 points a week for example, by having Studs on different teams, than to have one big week and score 150 points and blow away your opponents when your guys go off and score 90 points when they don't. There are obvious benefits to having a QB and WR tandem if they are Rodgers and Nelson or Brady and Gronk, etc… however if possible we'd look to avoid going deeper than one QB and two of their targets. 

We figure there's about 5 QB Studs, 8-10 RB Studs, probably 10 WR Studs and a few TE Studs. Let's call that 30 Studs or so total to go around. That would be 2.5 Studs per  team in a typical 12-team league. Let's hope you stick to your tiers and are somehow the team with 3 or 4. Even then, it's much better NOT to have your best players on the same team for several reasons.

The first I mentioned above, your points can be too inconsistent based on one team's weeks. What happens if in a big important week, or even the playoffs, your team runs into one of the top Defenses in the league? 

It will also obviously put you behind the 8-ball when they are on their bye. If somewhere down the line, a guy sticks out in the top available tier with that same bye week, you would end up with another one of your key players off that week almost certainly getting you a loss that week.  In that scenario, you'd be better off going with my “Shoot the Moon” bye week strategy (I'll explain in a later article).

The bottom line is this… to win week in and week out, you need to be consistently good every week. To be consistently good every week you need to have a deep team. We want you to put together the deepest and most consistent team in your league. We measure consistency in points scored both each week and throughout the season.

In fact, for most of the season we don't even care what your win/loss record is. We just want to know how many points do you have and where do you stack up in your league? That's all you should worry about. You can't control who you play each week and how their player's score, but you CAN control the roster you have and who you start. We will help you with all of that and our advice to you is to AVOID drafting too many key players from the same team.If I already have two players from the same NFL team and there is another guy available in the same tier at my pick, I'd sure look to spread my risk on my teams.



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