6. Thou Shall Covet Thy Stud WR

Last Updated: Jul 22, 2019 12:14 PM

10 Commandments for Winning at Fantasy Football

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6th Commandment - Thou Shall Covet Thy Stud WR

In Fantasy Football, we all know just how important it is to get Stud Running Backs. That cannot be overlooked. Here at FFChamps, we have always preached to our users that if they want to dominate their leagues as we always have, they must NOT ignore the Wide Receiver position.

This is even more critical in leagues that award points per reception (PPR).  Our thinking has several angles, all of which point us in the direction of focusing on WRs, let me explain….

1 – Running Back is probably the most physically challenging positions in football. They take a beating. WRs for the most part take much fewer hits (a RB can touch it 25 times a game, a WR generally 6-10), and are generally getting hit by much smaller guys. So the odds are much lower that a WR will miss time than a RB, so if you are going to use a high pick, it's good if he plays every week.

2 – Top WRs can score as much as top RBs, but from there the drop off can be much more significant at WR. The 35th ranked RB will score much more than the 35th ranked WR in most scoring systems. Our goal is to get our entire WR corps within the top 35 if possible. It will give us a HUGE advantage over our competition.

The point of the 6th Commandment to Winning at Fantasy Football, is that while we all know that it is vital to grab RB's early.  If for no other reason, there will simply not be many quality RB's available after the first 2 or 3 rounds.  The run on RB's is immediate and exhausting, therefore we do recommend securing your #1 RB early.  However, after that if you have a shot at 1 of the top tier WR's in the 2nd, we STRONGLY suggest you do take one. We recommend you DO NOT pass on the Stud WR to take your #2 RB unless he too is a Stud that fell to you.

Taking it 1 step further, if you find yourself in the 3rd round and there is still someone left in the top tier at WR -- JUMP on him. IF you are “Following Your Tiers” and understand the strategy, they should jump out at you on your draft board at this point (see the 2nd Commandment). This will give you 1 Stud RB and 2 Stud WRs after 3 rounds. Sounds like a recipe for the playoffs to me. This is even MORE imperative in leagues that are PPR.

We do not advocate playing to not lose here at FF Champs.  We play to WIN, or not at all.  That's not to say we will take unnecessary risk, but rather we are not afraid to think outside of the box or go against the flow.  In fact we've been known to take our top WR before our top RB if we think the value is there at that time.  We never back ourselves into a corner, or take away our flexibility while drafting by insisting on taking a player at a certain position.  We utilize our Draft Tracking ability (and our Champs Draft Tracker makes it easy), and try and figure out who our opponents will take next, and then we stick to our tiers.

With that in mind, we will not take a mediocre #2 RB, just because common sense tells us they will all be gone at our next pick.  Instead, we will take a top tier WR and dominate at that position.  We will then fill our roster with a handful of our sleepers, and if a few work out, as they usually do, we will be just fine.



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