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Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Jan 26, 2011 5:50 PM

Shortly after the end of the regular season, the staff at FFChamps tallied up the point totals for our season long Start Em Once and Salary Cap Fantasy Contests. At first glance, it appeared two contestants each won $2,500. Fringe Fanatics was crowned the Champion of our Salary Cap Contest and Chelly86 won our Pick Em Once Compeititon….But upon further review, we soon realized Chelly86 and Fringe Fantatics was the same guy. Yes, one man won BOTH of our Season Long Games for a grand total of $5,000. That man is John M. from Massachusetts (not to be confused with the other Jon M. as in Jon Millman who is the founder of I caught up with John to talk about his amazing accomplishment.

-FFChamps: How does it feel to become the first ever FFChamps' Fantasy Contest Winner?

John M: It feels great! But let me tell you, the pressure of entering in a good lineup every week is unbearable! When it came down to the last 3 weeks or so and I could see that I had a chance to win, I was incredibly paranoid of putting in a dud lineup. There is no way you can afford a mistake at that point. You have to at least keep ahead of the teams right below you. If you throw up a couple of 0's it can cost you big time. However, in the end, when I checked the final scores and saw that I had won it was a great feeling of accomplishment.


-FFChamps: Not only did you win 2,500 from our Salary Cap, but you also took home another $2,500 for winning our Start Em Once Contest. How did your strategies differ for each contest?

John M: The Start Em Once Contest involved a lot more strategy than the Salary Cap Contest. You definitely have to play the match-ups more but you have to look at the entire season so you don't blow all your good match-ups at the beginning of the season and then are left with garbage for the end of the season. For me, the Salary Cap Contest was a little easier. You could ride a guy while he was hot (Peyton Hillis, Roddy White, Hakeem Nicks) and play him every week with the almost certainty that you would get a good game out of him. Then there are guys that you could almost play every week and not even worry about it (Arian Foster, Vick, Charles). You could play it a little more safely with this one. I would also play the weekly match-ups and hope that some of them would pop for me.


-FFChamps:  Did you have any of the same strategy?

John M: You know, in a way, I wish I used more of the same strategy for both contests than I actually did. My two biggest "blunders" were I started Vincent Jackson (his 3 TD game) in the Start EM Once Contest and NOT in the Salary Cap Contest, and the again in the final week I started Ryan Matthews in the Start EM Once and NOT in the Salary Cap. I think match-ups are the biggest key in both contests.


-FFChamps: What are you going to do with the 5 Grand?

John M: Well, not to get too depressing here, but I have been out of work for 2.5 years! So you can imagine that winning both contests will certainly help out with my current situation. In fact some of my buddies kid me that Fantasy Football is my real job!! If I was working, some of the winnings would probably go towards my other hobby of collecting Sports Memorabilia.


-FFChamps:  How long have you subscribed to FFChamps? 

John M:  I can't remember exactly but I think I have been using FFCHamps since 2001.


-FFChamps: Which features make coming back to FFChamps a No-Brainer?

John M: I think the FFCPI is a great weekly tool to help you base your lineup decisions on. I think that its overall performance is something that you can rely on on a weekly basis. While not perfect, it has many more Hits than Misses. My favorite thing by far are the Wednesday night and Sunday morning videocasts by John and Ian. I can tell you that there are no other Fantasy Football sites anywhere that give you this kind of personal interaction. By doing these videos it gives you a chance to get up to the minute info and also lets you inside the minds of John and Ian to see the reasons why they are starting one player over another.


-FFChamps:  Have you competed in a Salary Cap or Start Em Once contest before? What's the appeal?

John M: Yes, I play in a few other Start Em One Contests each season. I think I like playing in them because it really tests your knowledge and skill as a Fantasy Player to continuously put together the best lineup you can each week using different players each week. It's not like drafting a team of players who you are pretty much stuck with over the course of the year. You also don't have to worry about injuries damaging your team. If a guy is injured, just put in another player. In this type of contest it won't hurt you if Antonio Gates is out for several weeks. Just play another good TE. Now, in a regular league, it would really hurt you if Gates was out for a long period of time.


-FFChamps:  Are these type of Fantasy Contests more fun compared to regular 10-12 team leagues?

John M: Perhaps a different type of entertainment value. I am actually getting to like these contests more than a regular 12-team league. It seems like more and more I am hearing of guys that have an unbelievable regular season and then get ousted in Round 1 of the playoffs by a 6-7 team that happens to get lucky in that one game. All that work and then the season is over. At least in these types of contests you have until the last game of the season with a shot to win. I also think you have a little more control of your own destiny than in a regular league. Plus, if you start off the year at 1-5 you are pretty much dead meat. With the contest, as long as you make good decisions, you have a chance each week to advance in the standings


-FFChamps: How did you do in your personal leagues? How many were you in?

 John M: This year I was in 8 leagues. I made the Playoffs in 3 of them and lost in the first round in 2 out of the 3. Never made it to the Superbowl in any of my Leagues. Last year, however, I was in 7 leagues and won the Superbowl in 4 of them. Year before I won 3 Superbowls. 


-FFChamps:  Why would you recommend to a friend?

John M: FFChamps is the first site I check each and every week for the information that I need. Their weekly videos keep you up to date with everything you need to know and also allow you to send in questions that are answered live. Great interaction between the Champs and their subscribers. The site is very easy to navigate and they have recently added some new "tools" that provide you with even more detailed information. You cannot go wrong with FFChamps!!


-FFChamps: What about our Fantasy Contests?

John M:  I would definitely recommend Both Fantasy Contests to anyone who wants a season long fix of "Fantasy action". For a very low price you can win thousands of dollars just like I did! Why not take a chance?? Plus, you get the chance to say that you beat the FFChamps Jon and Ian at their own game!!!(HAHAHAH!) I almost forgot that you also get the chance to win $100 per week for the highest score in each contest. I won a total of 3 weeks so that was an additional $300!!


-FFChamps: Who is you favorite and least favorite fantasy player from 2010?

John M:  Favorite Player:Arian Foster  

 I had him on half of my teams and wish I had him on all my teams. I think he was the most consistent fantasy player the whole year. He was a big threat both running and catching and very rarely had a bad game. Could be my number one pick in next year's drafts.

 Runner up: Roddy White

Least Favorite Player: Ray Rice.    

Yeah, I know he put up a few good games toward the end of the season, but overall I think that his year can be deemed a disappointment. Why they don't use him for goal line carries is beyond me. Also, Flacco just never threw to him consistently like he did last year.

Runner Up:Jahvid Best, Ryan Matthews, Beanie Wells --- None of them lived up to the pre-season hype. We kept waiting and waiting, but nothing ever really happened for these guys.


-FFChamps:  Congratulations John and good luck next season!!!

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