Fantasy Playoff League Winner

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2011 4:09 PM

When the regular season is about to come to an end, depression starts to kick in for most Fantasy Football Managers. Which is why we wanted to extend the fun, excitement, and competition by offering our first ever Playoff Fantasy League.  And thanks to the hundreds of you who participated, the contest was a huge success. All of us at FFChamps were thrilled to see how many of you wanted to compete and while everyone had a blast , there was only one winner. That winner is Kevin B. from Pennsylvania who took home the $1,000 Grand Prize.
Here's my conversation with Kevin about this Championship run:

FFChamps: How does it feel to be crowned the 1st ever FFChamps' Fantasy Postseason Champion?
Kevin: It feels great! I am sure I am not the only one who spends a lot of time playing fantasy sports and it's always nice to win and feel like you know what you are doing.

FFChamps:  Have you played in a Postseason league before?
Kevin: I actually have never played in a postseason league before. By the time the regular season ends, I usually look forward to a little break. I played this one because it was free and I am glad I did. It was actually a lot of fun. I am a Titans fan and since we don't like to go to the playoffs that much, it makes the games more interesting.

FFChamps: What were some of your strategies?
Kevin: For the first 2 rounds, I really tried to focus on the best players I could play from teams I did not expect to go the Super Bowl. A lot of Bears/Jets,Chiefs/Saints players. The AFC/NFC championship round, I just decided to play the best players and worry about the Super Bowl later. That really paid off. That was a low scoring week and I still put up a solid total. It set me up with a nice little cushion heading in to the final round. As long as Mendenhall didn't have a huge game, I was in pretty good position.

FFChamps: How did this differ from regular season fantasy football?
Kevin: The big difference with this contest is you can only use the players once. You really have to think all the way through the playoffs who will be left. Once the Patriots got knocked out, I was pretty sure the Steelers and Packers were going to the Super Bowl so it worked out well for me. 

FFChamps: Did you have any of the same players on your playoff teams as you did in the regular season? If so who?
Kevin: I play in 3 fantasy football leagues and the only players I used that I have on any of those teams were Matt Forte and Marques Colston.

FFChamps:  Who were some of your key studs this postseason?
Kevin: I was fortunate enough to play Jay Cutler when he had his big game in the playoffs vs Seattle. Mendenhall had a great game for me. And Jordy Nelson and Hines Ward had big games for me in the Super Bowl to make up for me not having Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings available to use.

FFChamps:  Did any player almost cost you the win?
Kevin: I was pretty consistent each week. I knew I was in rough shape for the Super Bowl at Running Back. I had to start John Kuhn and Brandon Jackson. I think they combined for 3 points total. But Mendenhall and Starks didn't put up too many points, so with my receivers, it worked out.

FFChamps:  Do you plan on defending your title in 2011?
Kevin: Absolutely! Thanks again for the contest. It was a lot of fun and I look forward to participating in more contests on the site next year.
FFChamps: Congratulations Kevin.

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