FFChamps Week 2 Winner's Circle

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Sep 21, 2011 12:59 AM

Everyone on the FFChamps.com Staff would like to congratulate LOCKE04 for winning this week's Pick Em Competition and  DaRaiders, for winning the Salary Competition. Both team managers won a free subscription to FFChamps.com in 2012 and $100 cash.  Interesting note, both of winners had Miles Austin and Jason Hanson on their roster. Shockingly Da Raiders was still victorious for the Week despite having Antonio Gates in the lineup with ZERO points.

Here's Locke04's winning roster:

This was DaRaiders' winning team for Week 2:

So far long time FFChamps.com subscriber, THAAS is the leader in our season long Pick Em tournament. Detroit Deuce is in the lead for our Salary Cap game.   These members are competing with hundreds of other FFChamps' Subscribers for the chance to win $2,500 cash ($5,000 if someone wins both),  plus a free subscription to FFChamps in 2011.
Top 15 Pick Em Leader-Board:



Top 15 Salary Cap Leader-Board:


Here's a brief description of both our games:

"Start 'Em Once" Tournament Format
In this format, the only limitation is that each NFL player can only be started once during the entire season. So if a team chooses to use Peyton Manning in Week #1, then that is the only time they can use him as their QB for the entire season. It simplifies the entire league so that each contestant just has a simple weekly task of selecting a starting lineup, but at the same time a lot of skill is involved while trying to figure out who to start throughout the entire season by planning for good match ups each week. View full rules.

"Salary Cap" Tournament Format
In this format, each player is assigned a salary, and the only limitation is that the total value of the salaries for all of the players selected to be in your starting lineup each week must be under a specified salary cap. It simplifies the league so that each contestant just has a simple weekly task of selecting a starting lineup while staying under the cap number. View full rules.

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