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If you aren’t signed up, logged on, and using Twitter on a daily basis, you are missing out on great info from Football “Insiders”, #RealTalk from players, and random quick-hits from other celebrities, in addition to your regular, every-day fan. Luckily you have me to help recap the best tweets of the day. So lets get started.

Peyton Manning

There may be a Super Bowl being played in Indianapolis in less than 10 days, but the major story line coming from Indy has nothing to do with the Patriots or Giants. Instead, back-and-forth, rumor, and speculation about Peyton Manning’s future career as a Colt has dominated headlines.
Sick to your stomach of hearing the Peyton/Colts/Jim Irsay/Andrew Luck rumors? You may want to get your Tums and Pepto Bismol handy because if ESPN’s Adam Schefter is correct, the Peyton/Colts story is sticking around for a while. Here’s what “Schefty” tweeted this morning:

@AdamSchefter: Brett Favre drama dragged through other off-seasons. Lockout lasted through last off-season. Peyton will be this off-season's Favre/lockout

--Despite calling his star Quarterback a “politician” for airing out his personal opinion about the current state of the Colts locker-room less than 36 hours ago, Colts Owner, Jim Irsay, tried to set the record straight with this tweet:

@JimIrsay: Peyton and I love each other, that goes without saying.. I humbly serve n protect the Horseshoe.. it is bigger than any individual, including me

--And the last tweet I’ll mention today regarding this topic comes from Melissa Jacobs who is a contributor to espnW. I think Melissa nails it with her tweet, Eli has been overshadowed by Peyton throughout his career, and probably rightfully so, but next weekend, Eli and the Giants will be playing in the house that Peyton built for a chance at winning the Super Bowl Trophy. It’s time to show the Lil Brother some respect.

@TheFootballGirl: It's truly amazing how Peyton is overshadowing Eli again. At this particular time. Surprised Peyton's not hosting SNL next Saturday, too.

Side Note: Peyton hosting SNL was indeed quite funny.

Ok moving on…

The Pro Bowl

For the first time since early September there will be no football this weekend. Oh what’s that? The Pro Bowl is on Sunday. #CmonMAN Are your serious?

No one watches the Pro Bowl, because it’s a JOKE. The reality is, it’s just a great excuse to go to Hawaii for a week and gives guys like Chris Berman a pass for wearing one of those ridiculous bright, loud, obnoxious, Hawaiian Floral Shirts.

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King is so smart, he managed to describe the Pro Bowl with just one letter from the alphabet (King’s response comes after the …..) :

@SI_PeterKing:RT @Ronniep145: pro bowl over 75 points total is a lock right? ... Zzzzzzzzzz.

--Back at College, my professors constantly reminded me to K.I.S.S. my stories, which means Keep It Simple Stupid. When comparing the Pro Bowl to the Super Bowl, no one kept it simpler than, the good folks from Victor Cruz’s clothing line (Young Whales):

@YoungWhales: Superbowl >>>>>>>> Probowl. End of story.

Here are some other things that are Greater than the Pro Bowl:

Tom Brady’s Ugg Endorsement Deal >>>>> Pro Bowl

Lingerie Football League>>>>> Pro Bowl

Flag Football >>>> Pro Bowl

Come to think of it the only thing that isn’t better than the Pro Bowl is…

Steve Tyler’s National Anthem Performance at the AFC Championship <<<<< Pro Bowl

NFC Championship vs. State of the Union

Speaking of un-watchable. Did anyone tune in to Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address? CNBC reporter Darren Rovell tweeted out this amazing stat that proves we truly do live in a #FootballNation:

@DarrenRovell: 20 million more people watched the NFC title game (Giants-49ers) than Tuesday's State of the Union.

From The Players

Is there an easier job in the world than being Tom Brady’s back-up? Seriously, I can’t think of a better situation. You get paid millions of dollars to NOT take snaps in practice, have front row seats every week to watch one of the greatest QBs of all time, and apparently can even build a fan base.  This next tweet comes from Rookie QB Ryan Mallett (who by the way hasn’t attempted a pass all season) Mallett’s tweet comes after the <<:

RT @JHern_19: Welp.... Looking forward to seeing @Ryan_Mallett_15 get his first super bowl ring<< hope so bro

At first when I saw this tweet I thought the person sending the tweet (JHern_19) was joking. Because who in their right mind is “looking forward” to seeing Mallett get a SB ring? The guy has literally done JACK on the field this season. Yet, he’ll be getting a shiny, expensive ring if the Patriots beat the Giants next Sunday. EASIEST JOB IN THE WORLD!!!

--If you’ve watched football long enough, you’ve probably heard a few curse words being picked up from a ref’s microphone. Well you didn’t need any volume or microphone to know what Giants Punter Steve Weatherford said after celebrating New York’s win in San Francisco last weekend (Fast Forward to the 1:06 mark).  Weatherford is a classy guy and apologized to his fans with this tweet:

@Weatherford5 I want to apologize for my language after my last game. I pride myself on being a positive role model. I will make it up to my young fans.

Speaking of Punters:

No punter has ever been named a Super Bowl MVP. For the complete breakdown of SB MVP’s by position we turn to Michael Signora who is the NFL’s Vice President of Football Communications:

@NFLFootballInfo: SB MVPs by position: 24 QB, 7 RB, 6 WR, 2 DE, 2 LB, 2 S, 1 CB, 1 DT, 1KR/PR

WTF Is He Talking About:

Sometimes I can’t help but ask myself if ESPN’s Skip Bayless is drinking on the job:

@RealSkipBayless: Now more pressure than ever on Brady b/c Pats are Brady-or-bust. Now we find out what he's made of, legacy on line. Don't bet against him.

“Find out what he’s made of” “Legacy on the line”???? Hey Skip are you forgetting Brady has already won Three Super Bowls and been named NFL Twice? How can a guy with so many accolades still have to prove himself? Brady can lose every NFL game for the rest of his career and he’ll still go down as one of the greatest QBs in NFL History (and I’m a Giants fan). Come On Skip Get Real.

Random Football Tweet From A Comedian:

@ConanOBrien: Patriots by 7. This is my pick for the Superbowl. And for any future U.S. revolutionary wars.

Oh that Conan. See what he did there with “Patriots”? So clever. Who knew red heads could be so witty?

Random Football Tweet From A Rapper:

Seems our good friend 50 Cent was a bit confused when he sent out this tweet.

@50Cent: This is a NEW YORK GIANT

Ummm, no 50. That’s a photo of a Mercedes Benz. Probably 1 of 50 that you own.  Of course I realize 50 was making a play on words, but couldn’t he have at least took a photo of a Escalade with 26 inch rims or a Hummer with a 18 inch lift? Would have been more fitting IMO.

Best use of the Hashtag FootballNation:

@j_ross37: Since the texans lost, there is no other houston teams I follow #FootballNation
Hey J_Ross I guess that means you won’t be attending the next Houston Aeros game? Minor league hockey tickets are CHEAP.

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