Football Tweets Of The Day 1/28/2012

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With the Super Bowl eight days away and the Pro Bowl not exactly a "fan favorite" the NCAA Senior Bowl was a trending topic among Football Fans and Reporters  for much of the day. Sure there was plenty of chit-chat about next week's Big Game in Indy, but the discussion surrounding this year's NCAA Senior Class was a bit refreshing. But first let's dive into one of the oddest storylines of the day, which involves both Tim Tebow and Kim Kardsashian.

Tebow and Kardashian A Match Made In Heaven?:

: Kim Kardashian in pursuit of ? Tim reportedly turns down date:
: Kim Kardashian has a big crush on Tim Tebow.

: Kim Kardashian wanted to date Tebow? I guess he is about as good on the NFL field as Kris Humphries is on the NBA court.

--Seems like someone from Tebow's media camp has already shot down any rumors of the two dating by declaring Tebow is "flattered" but not interested.

NCAA Senior Bowl:

@DPo8 DeVier Posey: Beautiful day in Mobile, so blessed I get to play this game !!Last game as a buckeye!Thank you #buckeyenation for 4years of support

@FtblSickness Ryan Burns
: Looking forward to a little Senior Bowl action today, some MAYOCK, & a little erroneous "risers & fallers" nonsense afterwards.

: The North Team defeats the South 23-13.

: Isaiah Pead is our MVP.

: Weeden's got a long windup, but looks accurate and very sure of himself. Mystery man in draft. Chunk on him in MMQB.:

: I have DVRd just a single play from the Senior Bowl and will be using that to create my mock draft.

--With the NFL Combine coming up in less than a month, the chatter around the 2012 NFL Draft will start to heat up.

NFL Pro Bowl:

@adbrandt Andrew Brandt: Heard last night from player at Pro Bowl, said "Can't believe they pay us to be here. Why do some guys blow this off?" Good question.

: Good work if you can get it: Players on winning Pro-Bowl team earn $50,000, players on losing Pro-Bowl team earn $25,000.

@wingoz trey wingo
: surfing w/ Warren Sapp today on the North Shore, this should be INTERESTING

Pro Bowl to feature plenty of offense, new faces

From the Players:

Chad Ochocinco @ochocinco: Ghetto word of the day: COLOGNE. Word Usage: "You think you cologne me a dollar or two?"

Yo Soy Fiesta shirts at

: Pops just sent me one of those little cameras/recorders to document the Super Bowl. Vids and Pics through a players eyes all week.

Best use of #FootballNation:

: Dang they just playing football movies today

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