Football Tweets of The Day 1/29/2012

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Last Updated: Jan 30, 2012 12:42 AM

 Sunday January 29th, will forever be remembered by all citizens in #FootballNation because today is Day 1 of the 1st ever Football Nation Road Trip to the Super Bowl. I'll be tweeting (@FFChamps_Bill) from the road, all week long from Indianapolis, and of course LIVE during the Super Bowl. But since we are still seven days away from the big game, today's major NFL story was the Pro Bowl and Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall's stellar performance... so let's get to it.

NFL Pro Bowl

: The AFC Dominated the NFC in the Pro Bowl. Final score 59-41. Now just 1 game left in the NFL Season.

: The Pro Bowl hats look like a hat someone would buy when they don't want to buy the officially licensed Pro Bowl hat

: It was great to see all the fans today especially the jag fans. I want to personally thank everyone involved

: Haven't seen one second of the ...

: Just got to Honolulu Airport. Getting on a redeye heading from to with many others from NFL. Indy here we come.

-- Typically the NFL bans players from tweeting 90 minutes before and after games. But all of the rules from the "No Fun League" flew out the window for the Pro Bowl. Not only were players allowed to tweet during the game, but the NFL encouraged tweeting and even went as far as setting up computers on the sideline. Check it out here.

Brandon Marshall

All sorts of records falling in Pro Bowl-- notably: Brandon Marshall has 4 receiving TD and teams have combined for record total yardage.

: Pro Bowl has been played - in 1 form or another - since 1939. Marshall is 1st player ever w 4 TDs in a Pro Bowl

: Brandon Marshall is going crazy!

:  If you missed catch a TD while lying on his back... get familiar:

: I don't care what anybody says, this is awesome. Brandon. Marshall rules!

WR Brandon Marshall: record 4 TDs

: My co worker fran Charles with the pro bowl MVP and the Mvps new car!

: Brandon Marshall wins Pro Bowl MVP and campaigns for Dolphins to get an elite quarterback.

--My timeline was FILLED with tweets about Brandon Marshall all night. Truly an incredible performance...If only he had a solid QB in Miami. Matt Flynn? Peyton Manning? Robert Griffin III? Fantasy Value SKYROCKETS if the Dolphins land a Top QB.

#FootballNation Road Trip:

: CHFF on the road to Indy. invading Ind.

Road trip to the Super Bowl starts today with and .

: The Football Nation Road trip to the Super Bowl takes a stop in Pottsville PA for a history lesson on the 1925 Pottsville Maroons.

: The road trip to the Super Bowl is stopping in Pittsburgh for the night with and

: Stopping in Pittsburgh for the night. Canton Ohio and NFL Hall of Fame tomorrow. Indy on Tuesday.

Video updates from Day 1 of the Trip coming shortly....Stay Tuned.

Tweets from around the NFL:

: Arrived in Indy, home of SB XLVI as evidenced by the decal on...the floor of the jetbridge.

: Greg Schiano wants Butch Davis on his Buccaneer coaching staff. More in MMQB. Greeting from Indy, by the way.

: Hope everyone had a great weekend! Im hyped for sure! Hope you all !!

Just landed in Indianapolis, and look what's for sale at the first airport Super Bowl memorabilia gift shop I...

Best use of "#FootballNation"

: Football season over but it's still

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