Football Tweets 1/30/2012

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2012 2:30 AM

The Patriots flew in to Indianapolis on Sunday, the Giants and the Football Nation Road Trip Crew arrived in Indy on Monday. NFL Media day starts on Tuesday, so be sure to follow @FootballFacts, @FBallNation and @FFChamps_Bill (that's me) throughout the week for Twitter updates from the Super Bowl. Here are the top tweets from Monday, let's get to it...

Super Bowl XLVI:

: Congrats to the and for clinching Super Bowl XLVI spots! We'll see you in Indy!
--BE: A little late for Gatorade to be promoting this tweet now isn't it? Maybe last week would have been a better time-frame. #JustSayin

Thanks to a whole lot of Lego magic... vs. is already underway:
--BE: I haven't played with Legos in a while, but this is pretty sweet!!!

: The insanity that is Super Bowl Media Day begins at 10 a.m. Tuesday with the Patriots. The Giants' nuttiness starts at noon. 
--BE: Really looking forward to reporting and tweeting from my 1st Media Day.

TRUE/FALSE: The D-line will be deciding factor in a Super Bowl matchup w/ the Pats (again): ?

: Guys say overall Super Bowl ticket prices have come down 20% since last week.
--BE:If you can still get tickets, I suggest doing so. Going to be a great game


: One week away ...

: What we learned Monday: Rob Gronkowski misses practice again: And despite the fact that you can get 22-1 odds on...

: So Bill Belichick said Patriots' TE Rob Gronkowski did not practice again today. Not surprising but...tick, tock. Six days left.
--BE: Gronk is half human, half machine. He'll play!!!

: Belichick's kind of roster: Patriots have 18 undrafted free agents


We don't mind if you jump on the ! We welcome all! Retweet if you are !:

: Rolle says Giants 'expecting to win' Super Bowl

: 144 Hours!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we are getting settled into our home away from home. We have a way of making ourselves feel at home.

: Giants matriarch Ann Mara says broken shoulder, which she did not sustain berating Terry Bradshaw, won't keep her from SB. She's probable.
---BE: She's one tough broad.

From The Football Nation Family:

: Rumorville: Rutgers interested in FIU's Mario Cristobal to replace former head coach Greg Schiano. This would be a good move IMO
--BE: When it comes to College Football, Todd knows best. If he thinks its a good move, so do I.

: Day 2 of the road trip to the Super Bowl. Made a stop at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

; Made It.
--BE: After a two day Road Trip that started in Jersey, I finally arrived in Indy. Going to be a great week.

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