Football Tweets of the Day 1/31/2012

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: Just did a hit on SNY w. my guy Adam Schein and picked the Patriots in a close one. I'm sure that irritated some folks back in NY!

: talks about his Patriots playing days and playing the Giants in the Super Bowl

: Indy off 2 great start hosting SB46. People friendly & excited, town laid out w everything close & accessible. Fans @ Media Day = win too

: Lookout , the boys from are in town. Hide your women and children.

: I know everybody is excited about the Super Bowl, but I personally can't wait to see the next episode of Modern Family! Funniest show on TV
--BE: Agreed Modern Family is great. But a weekly sitcom vs. the most important game of the football season? Come On Brit!!!

: My favorite Super Bowl Media Day moment was when...

: Next year at this time i gotta be getting ready to play in the super bowl... gotta be!!
--BE: You are in luck Ben, the Texans should have no trouble winning the AFC South again.

Gregg Doyel : Indianapolis, by the way, is putting on the best Super Bowl yet, at least from my perspective. Loving it here.
--BE: I can't compare Indy to any other SB, since this is my 1st, but I'm loving it thus far.

Best images from Super Bowl XLVI Media Day 

: Cool shot of Robert Kraft & some of the players in the locker room before Media Day:

: Chad Ochocinco subdued at media day:
--BE:Didn't even have his own booth/podium etc. But the OCNN (Ocho Cinco News Network was in full force).

: I don't believe for a second Gronk's improving b/c didn't wear boot to Media Day. Smokescreen. Reportedly needs surgery. Don't expect much.
--BE: Gronk is half machine. He will play!!!

: Giants defensive coordinator Bill Belichick charts a play in this 1985 photo:
--BE: Crazy seeing Belichick that young (and smiling).


: Best way to contend with Gronk? Rodney Harrison said Giants must "beat him up," and jam him at line. Thinks ankle may stiffen by halftime

: help me send a fan to . All EXPENSE PAID FOR 4! 4 $10's

: posing for team picture at media day...

: Tom Coughlin looked like he laughed lot more than Bill Belichick at media day. Giants' LB Michael Boley said not a shocker: 'Coach IS funny'

: I am pulling for the giants. I predict a 34-31 victory. Add some 7's and 3's and that's what I get.
--BE: Every year I am fooled by Danica Patrick and Go Daddy into thinking there really will be behind the scenes dressing room type video. #LetDown

Peyton Manning

: Peyton Manning "very encouraged" by rehab, plans to play in 2012

: Peyton is amazing. Just hijacked interview for more than a minute, talking about Gatorade. Still going...

: Peyton would rather talk about Gatorade and his concierge service than talk about his future...

: Trey Wingo is doing a very nice job of navigating Peyton's BS...and it's a lot of BS.

: My advice... ignore all Peyton Manning posturing back and forth until something actually happens.

--BE: I don't have much to say about Peyton. I don't think he's anywhere close to being fully healthy and if that's the case, the Colts won't re-sign him. I will say this: there are a TON of people walking around INDY with Peyton Manning jerseys. How long before they all change to a #12 LUCK?

From the Football Nation Family:

: National Signing Day is here. Will stud WR prospect Dorial Green-Beckham sign with Missouri or Arkansas?

: CHFF in Indy: JW Marriott 17th floor overlooking Lucas Oil. Cat-bird seat. Hell, if they could open roof, we could watch game from here.

: New article up , check it...NFL Yearbook: 2011 Kansas City Chiefs

Eli/Brady combined 23-8 in playoffs, Giants/Pats riding combined 15-0 win streak. This is going to be a fantastic

: Here's some video from Day 1 of the Football Nation Road Trip to the Super Bowl with . Enjoy

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