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Today was relatively busy on Twitter with a lot of NFL insiders tweeting about Albert Haynesworth, the Monday Night Football crew moving to a two man show, and the upcoming NFL Combine. Whoever says there is an off-season when it comes to Football, must not be following the right people. Step your Tweet Game Up people. There's never a dull moment when it comes to the NFL, luckily you have me to help recap all of today's Twitter action. Enjoy! (as always my thoughts are in bold and come after "BE")

Monday Night Football parts ways with Ron Jaworski...well sort of:

SBJ/SBD @SBJSBD ESPN's "Monday Night Football" moving to two-man booth next season. SBD:

John Ourand @Ourand_SBJ ESPN's "Monday Night Football" is moving to a 2-man booth next season with Tirico/Gruden. Jaws is moving into the studio.

Josh Krulewitz @jksports: ESPN's Ron Jaworski has new 5-year deal for expanded studio role. Monday Night Football will have 2-man booth w/ Tirico & Gruden

Jimmy Traina @JimmyTraina: Wow. So ESPN boots Jaworski off Monday Night Football and keeps Gruden. That is not good, although, 2-man booth is way better than 3-man.

IHJJR @iHateJJRedick: Yet Gruden stays? RT @awfulannouncing: Breaking: Ron Jaworski is leaving the Monday Night Football booth

Bob Glauber @BobGlauber: Will miss Jaws in MNF booth. X's and O's analysis spot on. Straightforward style. Class act.

Tom Mantzouranis @themantz: monday night football just got a lot worse. #freejaws

Jason McIntyre @TheBigLead I'm sure this has nothing to do w/ the Jaws demotion, but MNF ratings were down big in 2011

Richard Deitsch @richarddeitsch:I'm not sure I've ever seen a sports TV producer champion someone as much as Jay Rothman (the producer of MNF) has for Jon Gruden.

Richard Deitsch @richarddeitsch: I prefer a two-man booth in football but I feel bad for Jaworski: He did his homework, and he's a good analyst.

Jason McIntyre @TheBigLead: Remember when Jaws said "$hit" on MNF early in the season? Good times @Fantasy_Guru:I've known Jaws for 10+ years & believe he's one of the few analysts who actually know of what they speak because he watches coach's tape.

David Pollack @davidpollack47:No more Jaws in the Monday Night Football booth. Like or Hate the move?

BE: Clearly everyone tweeting about the MNF Crew had strong feelings about Jaws. Some like the move, others don't. Fact is this: without quality games being played on the field, it doesn't matter who is doing the analysis. Throw  Big Bird and Elmo on air for all I care. Just show me some solid games. Last year's MNF schedule was AWFUL.

Tampa Bay Bucs Release Albert Haynesworth:

SportsCenter @SportsCenter: #Buccaneers release DT Albert Haynesworth (started 6 games in 2011 after being waived by Pats)

Evan Silva @evansilva Albert Haynesworth was due a $6.7 million base salary and $400,000 roster bonus (on 8/1). His release saves $7.2 million vs salary cap.

Jason La Canfora @JasonLaCanfora:Bucs release Albert Haynesworth, in a no-brainer move. Due to make $6.75M with a $400,000 roster bonus on his old Redskins contract

Faux John Madden @FauxJohnMadden: Buccaneers release Albert Haynesworth, immediately crippling the food service industry in the Tampa Bay area.

shalise manza young @shalisemyoung: there's a lesson in Haynesworth for all of us: you can be blessed with amazing talent, but you still have put in work. can't skate forever.
Emo Riad @Homerj234: Haynesworth is the anti-Jeremy Lin

RumfordJohnny @RumfordJohnny: Say what you want, but this is how I want to remember Albert an international man of mystery.

Bill Enright @FBNation_Bill: People ripping Albert Haynesworth now that Bucs cut him. Give the guy a break, not like he stomped on someone's head and quit on teammates.

BE: Not only was this a wise move for the Bucs financially, but having a guy like Haynesworth in the locker-room causes problems for any organization, let alone a team with a new Head Coach. Not sure I can say it was a smart move, more like a no brainer.

Football Reporters Love Regurgitating Mike Mayock's opinion on incoming rookies:

Dennis Johnson @InsideNFLmedia: NFL Network's Draft Expert Mike Mayock on a media conference call talking Combine & Draft. Search "Mayock" 4 media comments fm call...

Dennis Johnson @InsideNFLmedia; #NFL Network's Mike #Mayock is going strong on conference call... @NFLnetwork 50+ hrs of #Combine coverage starts a week from Thursday.

Grant Paulsen @granthpaulsen: Mike Mayock on Justin Blackmon, the best WR in this year's #NFLDraft: He could go as high as 2nd, and no lower than 7th. #Redskins

ProFootballTalk @ProFootballTalk" Vontaze Burfict is not a first-round player "at all" according to Mike Mayock

Leigh Mayock @LeighMayock:Yeah i love it when daddy #mayock trends on twitter! #guiltypleasure .. I always tells him, he doesn't understand what it means tho haha
BE: This is Mayock's daughter. Just graduated from Penn State, has a job with the Vikings, follows me on Twitter, and did I mention she's cute? #ILoveBlondes

Sigmund Bloom @SigmundBloom: Seeing a Mike Mayock conference call plastered all over my timeline only confirms that he is clearly the emperor of the NFL draft now

Ryan Burns @FtblSickness: Based on my timeline, one would need an #NFL stadium to fit all the people evidently on the Mike Mayock #NFLDraft conference call right now.

Benjamin Allbright @NFLDraftMonster: I love Mayock and value his opinions, but your opinions should be your own, not his. #endGroupThink

Mike Garafolo @MikeGarafolo: Just to bring my timeline full circle, someone should ask Mike Mayock whether Linsanity will reign at Wrestlemania.

John Paulsen @4for4_John: Would really be more appropriate if Twitter was blowing up with Mike Mayock quotes on Valentine's Day since Twitter hearts Mayock so much.

BE: I need to be clear on this before digging in. Mike Mayock is GREAT at scouting players, analyzing team needs, and judging what incoming rookies can succeed in the NFL. He's probably one of the best in the business. BUT-I literally could not make it through four tweets without reading a "Mike Mayock says" blank blank blank. It was like everyone I follow, was listening in on this Mike Mayock conference call and then just tweeting EVERY SINGLE THING HE SAID. It wasn't helpful. It wasn't informative. It was pretty annoying. Instead of 50 people tweeting one man's opinion about the incoming rookies/combine/NFL Draft, I would rather have 50 people tweeting their own opinions. Like @NFLDraftMonster said, #EndGroupThink.

Football Guys Talking About Jeremy Lin

Kurt Warner @kurt13warner:I have 2 do some research on Jeremy Lin, w/ every1 comparing him 2 my early days? Happy 2 c guys make the most of their opps! #rollon #fb

Bruce Beck @BruceBeck4NY: Great hearing NFL guru & diehard #Knicks fan @AdamSchefter talking NBA Hoops on ESPN - "@JLin7 is the best story in sports 2day."

Chad Ochocinco @ochocinco: Mr. Lin is a phenomenal talent and will get even better once Melo returns RT @Dan_De_Lions: What do you think of this Jeremy Lin movement?

Aaron Gleeman @AaronGleeman: Jeremy Lin puns are the Tim Tebow of puns.

Football Nation @Fballnation: Which NFL Player Is Most Like Jeremy Lin?

BE: I live 12 miles away from New York City, so I am inundated with Jeremy Lin in the media, Facebook updates, Twitter, etc. He's everywhere. The Giants won the Super Bowl less than two weeks ago and no one is talking about it anymore...and I actually think that is a good thing for the NYC Metro Area. Lin has sparked this city/area with a lot of positive energy, similar to what Victor Cruz did this past season. Very entertaining to watch. Great story that just keeps getting better. OK, now back to football.

Peyton Manning Watch:

Sports Illustrated @SInow: Irsay says Colts won't pay bonus, but its Manning's call on return on

Nate Dunlevy @18to88:People should understand that the reports of Manning's health are not fabrications by the Colts as a response to recent PR blitz.

Andrew Brandt @adbrandt:What is curious about Peyton Manning having multiple surgeries last year is that the Colts never placed him on injured reserve.

BE: No misleading tweets from @JimIrsay today? What's going on with the world? I said this a few weeks back, this Peyton Manning saga is sticking around for the LONGGGGG-HAUL.


Around The League:

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter: SF knows where it needs help: 49ers expected to pursue a free-agent WR and use one of their top draft picks on another WR.

Wes Welker @WesWelker: I would like to thank all of my fans for your love and support. I looked outside and the sun came out. #vacationtime

Albert Breer @AlbertBreer: ... For all the arguing over whose fault the Patriots' SB46 loss was, Welker has handled the situation with grace and class. Credit to him.

Mark Sanchez @Mark_Sanchez:@santonio10 you want to be my Valentine? #fb

Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter: How clueless I am: met a guy in ESPN green room named "Adrian". Look on TV, see Hannah Storm interviewing Red Sox 1B "Adrian" Gonzalez. Oh.

BE: I did a whole write-up of NFL players talking about Valentines day in yesterday's article, but Sanchez sent out the tweet hours after I clicked published, so I went ahead and included in today's post. So worth it. Photo of chocolate and sending to disgruntled Wide Receiver. What a move by the young QB.

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