Green Bay Packers: 2012 Draft Needs

Contributed by: Billy E and Bill Enright
Last Updated: Apr 17, 2012 1:47 PM

Green Bay Packers Offense The Packers have selections 1.28, 2.27, 3.27, 4.28, 4.37 (Compensatory), 4.38 (Compensatory), 5.28, 6.28, 7.28, 7.34 (Compensatory), 7.36 (Compensatory) There isnt much room for improvement for the Packers Offense. Aaron Rodgers and company just completed one of the most proficient passing seasons in NFL history. Their O-Line is solid, they have plenty of Wide Receivers and just locked up Jermichael Finley for another two years. But even the best passing Offens ....

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