2012 NFL Draft: LIVE Blog From Radio City

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2012 12:59 PM

Football Nation is live from the NFL Draft for the 1st Round.

In addition to all the great coverage the Football Nation contributors will be providing for the 1st Round of the NFL Draft, I'll be LIVE from New York City for the entire day posting updates right here on this article. So be sure to check back frequently and keep refreshing because you never know what I'll be posting next. Could be some videos, photos, or some written content about all the craziness that is happening around me.

For the full list of events I'll be covering from New York City, check out this link.


Update 1:10 am (est)

Just turned off my mic. Had an absolutely killer show with Todd. Big thank you to Kerry and Danny for joining us. I had quite the day, I'm exhausted, I'm beat, but I had a GREAT time. Hope you all enjoyed the 1st Round. Thanks for following along. 1 Round down. 6 more to go.

Update 12:30 am (est)

Still going strong on the air with Todd. FN's Danny Fresh joins us for the next segment. 

Update 12:00 am (est)

That coffee I was talking about two hours ago, well I could really need it right now. But Kerry Byrne has so much energy, hopefully I can absorb some of it, he joins us now on the Sirius XM Fantasy Football Post Draft Special.

Update 10:59 pm (est)

LIVE on the radio... 

Update 10:53 pm (est)

Just saw the 49ers drafted AJ Jenkins. Not sure that was a good move considering they signed Randy Moss and Mario Manningham in the off-season and still have an improving Michael Crabtree. Not to mention there are receivers I liked better than Jenkins (Stephen Hill, Reuben Randle, Alshon Jeffery, and even Mohamed Sanu). But hey, I'm a reporter not a NFL GM, so we'll see if Jenkins pans out. 

Update 10:35 pm (est)

I'm all set up in the studio at SiriusXM. I missed out on a few picks but that's all good, because now I'm about to provide some Radio GOLD on Sirius 210 XM 87. 

Update 10:05 pm (est)

Ok it's been AWESOME here at Radio City, but now I have to go host a Radio Show, which will be an entirely different adventure in itself. Check us out on Sirius 210 XM 87. I'll be updating this article during our show too. Oh and by the way you can call in to us at 1-888-XM-Fantasy.  In addition to Todd DeVries and myself, we'll have a few guests from the Football Nation family including Kerry Byrne and Danny Fresh.

Update 9:51 pm (est)

I'm getting to the point in the night where I don't know if I should start packing up to leave or push it as close as possible till I actually have to leave. Play it safe or play it dangerously. If you don't know why I'm leaving early, it's because I'm co-hosting the 1st Round Recap show on Sirius XM Radio with Todd DeVries. The show starts at 11:00 and the studio is literally across the street. But I have to print out my outline before turning on my mic and I'd really love a coffee too. By the way, the Bengals just picked Dre Kirkpatrick and the Chargers picked up Melvin Ingram. Hmmm, now 9:55. I think I'll stay till about 10:10 and then make my way across the street.

Update 9:44 pm (est)

Not sure why it took me this long to realize, but I now know Jets fans will chant anything, just to chant it. No reason or rhyme for their chants, they just like to yell. Not 2 minutes before Goodell announced their pick, they were chanting "We Want Ingram." But instead of going after the South Carolina Defender, the Jets took Defensive End Quinton Coples from North Carolina and all of the Jets fans cheered. If you are a Jets fans here tonight, I bet you are going home with a sore throat and no voice.

Update 9:35 pm (est)

Where is the Commish when you need him? The Jets have been on the clock for 8 minutes so far and the entire time Jets fans have been chanting non-stop. "J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets" "We want Ingram." But the non-Jet fans in the house are counter-punching by starting the "Tebow Sucks" chant. 59 seconds left for the Jets and their pick still isn't in. Oops, wait, here comes Goodell.

Update 9:15 pm (est)

After Tannehill went to the Dolphins at 8, Luke Kuechly went to the Panthers, Stephon Gillmore was scooped up by the Bills at 10, and the Chiefs took Dontari Poe at 11. As I'm typing this, the Eagles made a trade with the Seahawks and grabbed Fletcher Cox. The Arizona Cardinals landed a great receiving option to play alongside Larry Fitzgerald by selecting Michael Floyd. The Rams originally had the 6th pick, but after a few trades they ended up at 14 and took Michael Brockers. The Seattle Seahawks drafted Bruce Irvin at 15 which resulted in a few of the fans screaming out WHO?

Update 9:00 pm (est)

I'm sure everyone at home has a much better view of Suzy Kolber on their HDTVs, but even where I'm sitting (50 feet away) she looks incredible. No wonder Joe Namath wanted to kiss her. Sorry I got slightly distracted there.

Update 8:50 (est)

The Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill at 8. By far this was the most controversial pick heading into the Draft (just ask the Miami fan from long Island I spoke with before the Draft-video is below). But when Goodell announced Tannehill this room erupted. Some Miami fans were booing, others were cheering, and Jets fans were just yelling.

Update 8:45 pm (est)

When Roger Goodell stepped to the mic to announce the Cowboys pick, the entire fan section filled the room with BOOOOOs. Morris Claiborne was their pick at 6. The Tampa Bay Bucs had the next pick (No. 7) and they took Mark Barron... the crowd didn't seem to care to much about that pick.

Update 8:36 pm (est)

With the #5 pick, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected Wide Receiver Justin Blackmon from Oklahoma State. I sent out a tweet that Jacksonville has finally added a playmaker to their passing game and that he would do wonders for Blaine Gabbert. A Jaguars fan sent me a response saying it was too bad Gabbert won't do wonders for Blackmon. Just one of the many reasons I love Twitter.

Update 8:25 pm (est)

Andrew Luck went #1 to the Colts. Robert Griffin III went #2 to the Redskins. At first we were right on schedule. But then a BUNCH of trades came in. The Bucs, Rams, Jags and even the COWBOYS all traded. CHAOS and we aren't even 30 minutes into the Draft. By the way the  Browns grabbed RB Trent Richardson (love this guy's fantasy potential in 2012) and the Vikings pick just came in, they selected OT Matt Kalil at #4.

Update 8:01 pm (est)

Goodell came to the mic, said hello to the fans and welcomed everyone to the 2012 NFL Draft, and announced the Indianapolis Colts were on the Clock. 75 seconds later, he walked back to the mic and informed the world what we already knew, the Colts took Andrew Luck. Immediately after Luck came to the podium, the crowd started and "RG3 RG3 RG3" chant.

UPDATE 7:44 pm (est)

The Announcer just called out each of the 26 players invited to attend tonight's draft. Only one got booed. It was Ryan Tannehill. After the players all came to the stage, the announcer then called out Roger Goodell, and he got booed even louder than Tannhill. Good Stuff.

UPDATE 7:32 pm (est)

There isn't a quiet spot here at the Draft. So when I jumped on the radio for my guest spot, these fans came up to me asking about details regarding the Browns and Vikings trade. Pretty funny and very entertaining radio. This three-some was great. Apparently that blue bracelet on the Seahawks guy hand means he got chosen to go downstairs and meet Seattle's Draft Pick later on in the night...at least that's what he told me. By the way, 9 out of 10 fans here are wearing NFL Jerseys...and I'm in a suit.

UPDATE 7:05 pm (est)

I'm jumping on the radio for a few minutes with Bob Harris and Mike Dempsey from Sirius Xm Fantasy Sports Radio. I'm co-hosting with Todd Devries tonight on the same channel (Sirius 210 XM 87) for a 1st Round Draft Recap from 11:00 pm-1:00 am est.

UPDATE 6:56 pm (est)

I found this random Dolphins fan on the street outside of Radio City. He told me he would rather the Dolphins moved to the #3 spot to take Trent Richardson instead of sticking at #8 for Ryan Tannehill. Not sure if he was the smartest fan, considering the Dolphins took Daniel Thomas last year and also signed Reggie Bush, RB is the last thing Miami needs. Funny thing at the end of the video, when I turned around, there was Tannehill.

UPDATE 6:15 pm (est)

 The scene around me is absolutely incredible. I am a few feet away from the NFL Team tables where each team's representative will be calling in their picks to Roger Goodell. The Panthers, Cowboys, and Eagles are literally right next to me. I may even be able to pull my own version of Spygate and break some news regarding those three team's picks. Stay tuned...

The NFL Officials review over 40,000 plays a year and have a 98.4% accuracy rate. $40 Xbox controllers are used as remotes because they are more Efficient then the old $500 tv remotes.

Roger Goodell met with us inside the NFL headquarters. He answered questions for 30 minutes, cracked some jokes, and told us he needed a nap. 

The NFL's PR team showed us this highlight film to help get us pumped for tonight's draft...gave me goose bumps. (I apologize for the poor quality.

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