Official 2013 Daily Fantasy Football Partner: DraftKings

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Aug 10, 2013 11:26 PM

It’s August.

Your Fantasy Football Draft is right around the corner, possibly in the coming days, at most, in the coming weeks. 

And even though we all love everything the Fantasy Football season brings, all the joy, all the drama, all the excitement, the pinnacle of the year; the fantasy football championship, is still months away.

Months away, not days or weeks, but months. That’s a pretty long time to reap the rewards of the hard work you are putting in right now to prepare for your draft. 

Some of us are just so obsessed with winning. Waiting until December to win your trophy and the bragging rights no longer quenches our thirst for victory. 

Luckily our new partner, DraftKings, has a solution and it’s easy to get started. 

Instead of picking one team and dealing with the same players for 16 weeks, the same injuries, the same match-up problems, at DraftKings, you can draft a new team every week. In fact you can draft two, three, fifty, a hundred new teams every single week. Then you square off in a head-to-head or tournament style contest against other DraftKings players.

At DraftKings, not only do you win real cash prizes, but once that Monday Night game ends, you instantly get to feel that sweet, sweet, victory sensation. 

How is this for some more great news: DraftKings has a 100% Deposit Bonus. In other words, they will match your deposit, Dollar for Dollar. For example, if you add $20 to your account, they’ll match the $20 after a standard play-through requirement. This is the BEST deal in the industry of Daily Fantasy Sports. No other site matches your first, initial deposit dollar for dollar. 

And it just keeps getting better: DraftKings has industry leading payouts for all of their contests and tournaments. Enter your team in a contest against other daily fantasy football players for a chance to win BIG TIME PRIZES, just like the $500,000 contest they ran for MLB last month. DraftKings will also give 1st time depositors a free $2 ticket (entry) to a contest they are hosting later this month. Hurry up and get in on the action. 

Whether you played Daily Fantasy Football in the past or are just getting started, if you know how to play regular Fantasy Football, you’ll catch on right away. Plus we’ll have strategy articles highlighting the players you’ll want on your roster throughout the season, so yes, we are even here to help you win money. 

Quick recap about playing at DraftKings:

-You are still playing the game you love, Fantasy Football

-You are winning real cash prizes

-You can draft a new team every week

-100% Deposit Bonus, DraftKings matches your 1st deposit, dollar for dollar

-It’s easy to get started and even easier to draft your team



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