EJ Manuel Benched, Kyle Orton Named Starter, Costs Just $5,000

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Sep 29, 2014 4:13 PM

Take a seat EJ Manuel.

That’s what the Buffalo Bills told their 2nd year Quarterback Monday Morning by naming Kyle Orton the team’s starter for Week 5.

Orton originally was retired heading into the 2014 NFL Season but once the Bills offered him $11 million for  two years, Orton couldn’t sign on the dotted line fast enough.

The 32 year old veteran passer has started for the Bears, Broncos, Chiefs and the Cowboys during his 8-year career and will now be asked to be the game manager for the run heavy Buffalo Bills.

EJ Manuel has been widely disappointing since the Bills made him the 1st QB taken in the 2013 NFL Draft. Through the first four games this year, Manuel completed just 58% of his passes for 838 yards and 5 TDs. He threw two interceptions during the team’s loss to the Texans in Week 4.

If you are looking for a CHEAP quarterback to use in the MillionaireMaker contest, you won’t find many starting QBs with a lower salary than Orton. He’ll cost just $5,000 and going up against a Detroit Lions Defense that has allowed double digit fantasy points to every QB opponent this season.

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