DFS Strategy Session: Win MORE Money In Daily Fantasy Football

Contributed by: Bill Enright
Last Updated: Sep 07, 2016 3:51 PM

We are hosting a first of it's kind LIVE video strategy session Thursday Night (Sept. 8) at 6:30 pm (est) and as an FFChamps member you are invited to join us. Just click on FFChampsTV.

What better way to kickoff the 2016 NFL Season than an hour long strategy session on the night of the 1st game of the year...don't worry we'll be done with plenty of time before the Panthers and Broncos get started.

We know you want to win MORE money playing Daily Fantasy Football...that's why we are bringing in some BIG TIME players on our panel.

Who is on the show?

Andrew Miller is not only the President/Founder and long time member of FFChamps.com but he's also a DraftKings World Championship Finalist and is consistently one of the top GPP (Guarantee Prize Pools) players for all sports.

Willie Walls has won over $450,000 in Daily Fantasy Sports in the last 20 months including a 1st place finish out of 404,000 people.

Dan Perry a self described data junky, Dan is our resident research and statistician. A 2nd place out of 57,500 in 2015 got Dan a BIG payday.  

Bill Enright is our resident fantasy football expert and host for our show with the New England Patriots. He was formerly on Sirius XM where he also acted as the host of Fantasy Football Champs LIVE.

Goal of the Show

We wanted to help the more casual player have a great shot to win a Guaranteed Prize Pool and even the playing field against the so called sharks of daily fantasy.  GPP Master is a first of its kind GPP strategy product, where our motto is "All it takes is one GPP tournament to be a huge winner."

Led by a team of GPP World Championship winners and experts, GPP Master is for those daily fantasy players who are serious about placing in and winning an NFL Guaranteed  Prize Pool tournament or Qualifier with a 1st place payout of $5,000-$1 million.  We know what you need, and respect the amount of time you realistically have to prepare for the big GPP.  


 Start winning MORE Money in Daily Fantasy Football
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With GPP Master you get: 

- One on One Real Time Advice from Expert Team via Live Chat

- Real Time Game Day Lineup Alerts delivered to your phone and inbox

- 3 Member only Live Strategy Programs in September, November, and for the Playoffs

- GPP Master U, a ten part series of hard core education on GPP play and strategy

- GPP MASTER Lineup Strategy Newsletters every Sunday morning

- Member Only VIP Live Events, Viewing Parties

Simply put, there is nothing like GPP Master, with the specific focus of preparing you to win a large daily fantasy tournament. All it takes is one. Every week matters, so get ready to win BIG MONEY starting in Week 1.

FFChamps.com and GPP Master: Extraordinary Results For Fantasy Football Dominance

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