2QB Experts Invt'l Draft Recap - Rounds 7 & 8

Contributed by: Jim Day
Last Updated: Jun 10, 2019 2:40 PM

This is the fourth article on this draft and will cover rounds seven and eight. You can find the links for the first three articles below. It's tough in a draft filled with such sharks to try and zig when they zag, but that is exactly what you have to do to be successful.

Read on and see if anyone is accomplishing that feat through the first eight rounds.  

This league has some of the best Fantasy Football minds in the world and me.

Here are the participants:

Matthew Berry (@MatthewBerryTMR) – ESPN

Sigmund Bloom (@SigmundBloom) – Football Guys

Mike Clay (@MikeClayNFL) – ESPN

Jim Day (@Fantasytaz) - FFChamps

Dr. Roto (@DrRoto) – Fulltime Fantasy

Matt Harmon (@MattHarmon_BYB) – Yahoo

Bob Harris (@footballdiehard) – Football Diehards

Liz Loza @LizLoza_FF) – Yahoo

John Paulsen (@4for4_John) – 4for4

Jeff Ratcliffe (@JeffRatcliffe) – Pro Football Focus

Adam Ronis (@AdamRonis) – Fulltime Fantasy

Evan Silva (@EvanSilva) – Rotoworld

This league is set up a little differently. The starting lineup is as follows: 2QBs – 3RBs – 4WRs - 2TEs and 2 flex (RB/WR/TE) for a total of 13 starters. The scoring also gives a slight boost to QBs and TEs.

It is a 24-round draft so you will get to see your preferred expert digging deep to get their favorite sleepers, but with this frenzy of sharks, true sleepers will be hard to find.

The following reviews Rounds 7 and 8 of this talent-laden draft.

Rounds 1-2  * Rounds 3-4* Rounds 5-6* Rounds 7-8

Draft order: 1 – Jim Day, 2 – Dr Roto, 3 – John Paulsen, 4 – Matthew Berry, 5 – Matt Harmon, 6 – Liz Loza, 7 – Sigmund Bloom, 8 – Jeff Ratcliffe, 9 – Mike Clay,
10 – Bob Harris, 11 – Evan Silva, 12 – Adam Ronis.


Round 7

7.01 – Jim Day – Matthew Stafford, QB Detroit Lions

7.02 = Dr. Roto – Tyreek Hill, WR Kansas City Chiefs

7.03 – John Paulsen – Sam Darnold, QB New York Jets

7.04 – Matthew Berry – Kenny Golladay, WR Detroit Lions

7.05 – Matt Harmon – Chris Carson, RB Seattle Seahawks

7.06 – Liz Loza – Joe Flacco, QB Denver Broncos

7.07 – Sigmund Bloom – Andy Dalton, QB Cincinnati Bengals

7.08 – Jeff Ratcliffe – Eric Ebron, TE Indianapolis Colts

7.09 – Mike Clay – Jared Cook, TE New Orleans Saints

7.10 – Bob Harris – Sammy Watkins, WR Kansas City Chiefs

7.11 – Evan Silva – Marcus Mariota, QB Tennessee Titans

7.12 – Adam Ronis – Tyler Lockett, WR Seattle Seahawks


Round 8

8.01 – Adam Ronis – DJ Moore, WR Carolina Panthers

8.02 – Evan Silva – Nick Foles, QB Jacksonville Jaguars

8.03 – Bob Harris – Derrius Guice, RB Washington Redskins

8.04 – Mike Clay  - Cooper Kupp, WR Los Angeles Rams

8.05 – Jeff Ratcliffe – James White, RB New England Patriots

8.06 – Sigmund Bloom – Allen Robinson, WR Chicago Bears

8.07 – Liz Loza – David Njoku, TE Cleveland Browns

8.08 – Matt Harmon – Delanie Walker, TE Tennessee Titans

8.09 – Matthew Berry – Vance McDonald, TE Pittsburgh Steelers

8.10 – John Paulsen – Austin Hooper, TE Atlanta Falcons

8.11 – Dr. Roto – Mike Williams, WR Los Angeles Chargers

8.12 – Jim Day – Jack Doyle, TE Indianapolis Colts

A couple of the picks I really like in these two rounds are Matt Harmon's pick of Chris Carson in the seventh and Bob Harris could have gotten a steal in round eight if Derrius Guice can get fully healthy and outplay Adrian Peterson.

Two picks I don't love in these two rounds are both tight ends, Eric Ebron by Jeff Ratcliffe in the seventh and Liz Loza's pick of David Njoku in the eighth. Not that they are bad picks, just think both went a little too high. I still believe Doyle outplays Ebron once fully healthy and Njoku going before Hooper and Doyle is just too much for me to pay.

Which of the picks above do you love? Which do you hate? Make a comment on twitter or facebook and use the hashtag #2QBFF and let everyone know what you think!


Below are the rosters through the first eight rounds. Keeping in mind how many starters are needed at each position and the unique scoring rules, which team below is the strongest so far?

Jim Day

Dr Roto

John Paulsen

Matthew Berry

Andrew Luck

Baker Mayfield

Jared Goff

Deshaun Watson

Jameis Winston

Kyler Murray

Sam Darnold

Ben Roethlisberger

Matthew Stafford

Derek Carr

Ezekiel Elliott

Josh Allen

Saquan Barkley

Christian McCaffrey

Damien Williams

Alvin Kamara

David Montgomery

Derrick Henry

Phillip Lindsay

Julio Jones

Mike Evans

Antonio Brown

JuJu Smith-Schuster

Kenny Golladay

Robert Woods

Tyreek Hill

Hunter Henry

Evan Engram

Jack Doyle

Mike Williams

Austin Hooper

Vance McDonald


Matt Harmon

Liz Loza

Sigmund Bloom

Jeff Ratcliffe

Lamar Jackson

Carson Wentz

Patrick Mahomes

Drew Brees

Jimmy Garoppolo

Joe Flacco

Tom Brady

Kirk Cousins

Dalvin Cook

Nick Chubb

Andy Dalton

Todd Gurley

Marlon Mack

Kerryon Johnson

Josh Jacobs

Joe Mixon

Chris Carson

Davante Adams

Davonta Freeman

James White

DeAndre Hopkins

AJ Green

Aaron Jones

TY Hilton

Stefon Diggs

Chris Godwin

Allen Robinson

Brandin Cooks

Delanie Walker

David Njoku

Travis Kelce

Eric Ebron


Mike Clay

Bob Harris

Evan Silva

Adam Ronis

Cam Newton

Aaron Rodgers

Russell Wilson

Matt Ryan

Dak Prescott

Phillip Rivers

Marcus Mariota

Mitchell Trubisky

Le'Veon Bell

Melvin Gordon

Nick Foles

James Conner

Leonard Fournette

Mark Ingram

David Johnson

Kenyan Drake

Michael Thomas

Derrius Guice

Sony Michel

Keenan Allen

Julian Edelman

Adam Thielen

Odell Beckham Jr.

Tyler Lockett

Cooper Kupp

Sammy Watkins

Amari Cooper

DJ Moore

Jared Cook

Zach Ertz

OJ Howard

George Kittle


Remember that this is a start 2QB league and so far through the first eight rounds there are already 29 QBs taken. Six of the 12 teams already have three quarterbacks and six only have two. Those six with only two will now have to fight for the three remaining starters and any backups or rookies that they think will have a chance to start this year. Should be a fun scramble as we get into the next couple of rounds.

This should also come into play over the next few rounds for tight ends since we also start at least two of them every week. Only 13 have been taken so far, so there are still a few available, but don't be surprised if the next few rounds go heavily into tight ends.

Coming soon Rounds 9 through 12…


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